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4 Tips on Storing Your Wine

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CellarDo you want to age your wine so it reaches its peak and has the characteristics of a matured wine?

Well, here I talk about the best conditions for wine storage to ensure that it ages properly in your cellar.
Basically, this describes the characteristics of an ideal cellar!

There are some things to consider when storing your wine.

* First, the temperature: it must first be consistent and cool, between 10 and 14 ° C. Thermal shock should be a concern, because the alternation of cold and heat causes the cork to lose its elasticity and effectiveness allowing air in which then oxidizes the wine. Wine can oxidize very quickly especially when it is old as at it is more fragile and sensitive to temperature variations during this time.

* The bottle of wine must be laid so that the cork is in constant contact with the wine and doesn’t dry out. Turning the wine bottle about in the cellar is pointless: In order to prevent the deposit (which forms in old wine) from sticking to the sides of the bottle, it is preferable to avoid movement.

Movements and vibrations are factors which also affect the quality of wine.

Cellar 2

* Another point to be observed: humidity. It should be between 70% and 80%. The humidity is required by the cork as it is a breathing mechanism for the bottle of wine. When the humidity is too low, the cork loses its elasticity and or dries up, resulting in the risk of oxidation.

When the humidity is greater than 85%, a risk of mold growth then arises.

When the humidity is too high, the labels come off, cardboard disintegrates and musty odors develop. These odors can then be transmitted through the wine cork.

* One final point to consider: the absence of light. Ultraviolet rays increase the oxidation reaction levels in wine, which increases the rate of aging of wine. This is the reason why some Roussillon winemakers’ age their wine in glass bottles placed in the sun. The combination of heat + light helps the wine develop an oxidative character, which is desired in some cases.

So in summary: Observe the following criteria: temperature, humidity, absence of light and keep the bottle lying undisturbed in the cellar.
This is the price you need to pay the keep your wine in the best way possible, and enjoy the tasting of wine which has been properly stored and reached its peak.

Do you have a basement which satisfies all these criteria to age your wine?

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