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5 steps to easily interpret the aroma of wine

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5 steps to easily interpret the aroma of wineAre you able to recognize and interpret the aromas of wine?

This is a complex task of olfactory analysis, so for your convenience and in order to easily recognize aromas and their interpretation, I recommend a combination of various aromas in five major categories.

These categories have the advantage of being easily identifiable: Thus, in this case, I do not ask you to precisely identify gooseberry, grapefruit, acacia … but just these flavors together in a large group such as « fresh fruit flowers” It’s much easier, right?

For each category, you can begin to draw your own conclusions about the wine. (See diagram below)

Of course, there is a first step before you begin with the olfactory analysis of wine. If you learn to identify flavors, interpretations will be much more accurate. But that is another story!


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