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An Exercise to Improve Skills in the Tasting of White Wine

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white wine glassI recommend a practical in the comparative tasting of white wines.

For this tasting, we start by buying two whites of rather different styles: a Muscadet and Cote du Provence (white, of course) .

We will take 3 tasting steps: visual analysis, olfactory analysis and gustatory analysis.

For each of these steps, we will compare each of the two wines.

The 2 wines must be sampled simultaneously.

Recall the various steps in the diagram below.

Are you ready? Let’s get to work!

methods of tasting

The visual analysis

The color intensity:

A pale color for the Muscadet, however a bit more intense is the Cote du Provence (which has a straw color typical of Cote du Provence wines). Mediterranean grape varieties (Rolle, Ugni Blanc, Clairette, …) that make up the Côte de Provence give an intensity greater than in the case of Muscatel (« Muscadet » grape , also called « Melon de Bourgogne »).

You should be aware that the intensity of color in white wine is also a function of its evolution. In aging, the wine is oxidized, and white wine goes from pale to green hues to a more sustained golden or amber for very sophisticated wines.


You can see the capillary qualities (tears) a little larger (heavier tears) in the case of the Côte de Provence, unlike the Muscadet that has a beautiful fluidity. This shows you a wine richer in alcohol.


The olfactory analysis

Here we invite you to make aromatic distinctions for each of the wines.

One wine is fresher, more mineral, with floral notes. One has notes of fennel (found in Southern wines) and broom, acacia or citrus. The 1st is Muscadet the 2nd Cote du Provence.

Gustatory Analysis

Which of the two seems the most acidic to you? Muscadet will make you salivate, which is characteristic of the greater acidity of the wine. In the mouth, flavors of green apple, citrus and retro-olfaction. Instead, the Cote du Provence has a lower acidity and creamier taste. This smoothness is provided by the alcohol.

I find that comparative tasting allows you to better perceive the aromas. Is this the same for you?

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