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How Global Warming Affects Wine

Posted by on nov 13, 2012 in Non classé | 1 comment

Wine glassIt has been noticed that grapes are maturing earlier: In Alsace, the offset recorded is 8 days every 10 years, the same thing for Australia. As for the wine of Languedoc, it gains 1% every 10 years. Yes, this is fact, not a conspiracy, no offense to Claude Allègre: global warming plays a role in the evolution and maturity of the vine.

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How to Easily Analyze the Tannins in Wine

Posted by on nov 11, 2012 in Non classé | 0 comments

TanninsIf you’re a fan of red wine, you’ll know about tannins.

Tannins are what give you that rough feeling that dries out the mouth. The purpose of this article is in order to give you a foundation to understand tannins better and equally analyze them better as well.

I will give you some tips in order to better carry out your tasting in a convenient and unique way (at least that’s the goal).

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Cork Taint: Where it comes from and How to Recognize It

Posted by on nov 9, 2012 in Non classé | 0 comments

Cork TaintDuring wine tasting, when I asked the participants to give me one fault frequently detected in the nose of the wine and cork taint was what was most cited.
Yet its origin (it derives from the cork) and the means of recognizing its characteristics are not always known.

So how do you recognize it?

I will provide you with all the information required to understand the cork and cork taint!

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How to Determine Whether a Wine Can Age

Posted by on oct 26, 2012 in Non classé | 0 comments

Wine ageingWine is a living product. Over time it evolves in a bottle in your cellar.

In order to begin, I invite you to read further and understand how wine ages after being put in a bottle.

First of all, in its youth it evolves until it reaches maturity and then its peak. After this, the decline in the organoleptic qualities of the wine begins. The duration depends on the type of wine. Some wines reach their peak in 2 to 3 years, others in 20 years.

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Bonjour tout le monde !

Posted by on oct 26, 2012 in Non classé | 1 comment

Bienvenue dans WordPress. Ceci est votre premier article. Modifiez-le ou supprimez-le, puis lancez-vous !

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