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If you are new to this blog, you may be asking yourself where to start…

So here are some clues!

I suggest you start with a guide called “Wine tasting, the easy way”, In which I detail for you the different phases of wine tasting, and answer the major questions you’re asking.

Downloading it is easy and simple!
All you have to do is enter your email address below here : you will receive the link for downloading the Ebook.
In addition to that, I will send you tips on wine, to know it better, and be better at savoring it.
Hope you enjoy reading the guide!
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About the Ebook “Wine tasting, the easy way”

VisuelEbookDegustationAfter reading this Ebook, you will be able to answer all the following questions:

  • What can we tell from the wine’s color?
  • Light red wine, dark red wine: what is the verdict?
  • What are the main classes of aroma?
  • What can you conclude from a red fruit aroma? A mushroom aroma? A wood aroma?
  • How to easily analyze the taste sensations of a wine?
  • You will also find the vocabulary of wine tasting, an example of a tasting form, and many other elements to help you improve in wine tasting.

Mastering wine requires constant learning, so I refer you to the Informations and tips newsletter so you can advance in wine tasting and savoring.